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Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by willfred219, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. willfred219

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    I love living in central AR, but it stinks to be a squirrel hunter in zone 12. One deer season after another. Don't get me wrong, I love to deer hunt. Can we just get a little time in the fall to squirrel hunt.:wink:
  2. Arkiehunter74

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    Sure you can, just lease or buy your own land and hunt whatever you want when you want to. That seems easy enough. :biggrin:

  3. Arkie is or lease a lot of land and then you can do what you want.
  4. Tink

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    Don't worrie about those deer hunters, if it's public land go hunt an just shoot up in the trees like a mad man. Then they all will leave the woods an get on here an grap about some a:censored:hole shooting the woods up...... Should try it sometime.
  5. shady grove

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    If you are planning to join a lease or you are already on a lease, when you have your lease meeting just tell them after thanksgiving you want to start squirrel hunting. If they havnt killed any deer by then they are either too picky, a bad shot, not hunting, or cant read sign and dont know where to put a stand. If you waited til Jan. some would still *****......
  6. Arkiehunter74

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    Very valid point. On public land you have as much right to hunt what you want as long as it is in season or there are no posted rules against it. If I was deer hunting on public land and you came in shooting squirrels, I might get a little upset, but the same thing I said to you would apply to me. To me it would still be prudent to find a lease that agrees with how I hunt or find my own land.
  7. Dixiehunter

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    It's all about the $$.:whistle:
  8. willfred219

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    I didn't think you could be in the woods with a rimfire or shot smaller than #4 buckshot when modern gun or muzzleloader was in?
  9. it is public

    cut loose is public just look out for us folks hidden in trees?

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Unless it is a permit hunt on a WMA........if squirrel season is open and you want to squirrel hunt with a rimfire, or shotgun, grab your orange and go...nothing says you can' long as ya don't shoot a deer!!

    If you do, don't get caught, shooting a deer that is:whistle:

    You just can't have a high powered rifle and a rimfire at the same time, in other words, don't be deer hunting with say a 308 or a 50 cal, and have your 22 and/or shotgun there shooting tree rats off the deer stand........