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Youth Model .243

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Looking for something for my 9yr old son. I'm thinking a .243 youth model or similar. I'm not dead set on the .243 so I'm open to other possibilities. It's hard to know what exactly will work out best for him, but I'll eventually get him shooting my rem 700 .270 when he gets able so figured this would be a good way to get him started. Interested in anything that's quality (short enough with minimal recoil) that will take a deer.....
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theres one in the FOR SALE section, youth 243
My 7 yr. old daughter shoots a Mossberg bolt-action in .243. Great cartridge - and you really don't outgrow it!
How much are u wanting to spend? I have one. Single shot with a fixed 5 power scope
I bought my 6 year old son a rossi trifecta chambered in 22, 2o gauge, and 7mm-08 with very little recoil i've had him shoot the 20 gauge and twenty two so far and he loves them
i have a H&R/NEF 270---great shooter with the remington managed recoil ammo----buy now and use this ammo until u need the full load later on-----check it out
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