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I was just checking for something, and I came across this "new for 08-09 season" information."
  • Holders of a 65+ Lifetime Hunting License or a 65+ Lifetime Combination License may harvest a deer during the statewide youth hunt when accompanying a hunter 15 years or younger.
  • This deer must comply with standard zone and WMA restrictions and is not considered a bonus deer.
  • Youths hunting during the statewide special youth hunt may harvest their seasonal bag limit.
Now, I know I dont share the most popular views about youth hunts... I dont really want to argue about the fact that we're now going to have youth hunts for everything under the sun. It's already a fact, and I've learned to deal with it... BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS!
The 65+ thing is so dang crazy. I dont even feel the need to point anything out about it. If you want to have a hunt for card-carrying disabled people or something like that, you might be able to tug on my heart strings a little bit, but anyone 65+?
Kids killing their full limit during the youth hunt? I'll allow that it's nice to let them get a head start, but if they can go out and kill their whole limit in a weekend, they obviously dont need it!
(Might I add that last spring I carried a kid hunting one weekend, and a gentleman over 70 the next weekend... during the regular dang season!)
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