youth bow for small 7y old girl

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by dogdoc, Dec 7, 2012.

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    I've searched the archives and found some really good advice regarding all the youth bows that are out there. So I don't want to ask everyone to necessarily repeat all the recommendations for particular bows (unless you just must:) My main reason for the thread is to see if anyone can give me an idea of what poundage my girl would likely be able to pull and what her likely draw length would be??? I know, the easy answer is to take her to a bow shop and find out... That doesn't work well when a "bow like mommy and daddy's" is on her list to Santa. I'm going to attach a very recent family picture that will show you her size. I'm 5'8" and my wife is around 5'2". My oldest girl is pretty obvious. She's petite for her age... but if her arms are as strong as her attitude I may as well start her out at about 55 lbs.:biggrin:

    So, in a nutshell... What will her DL probably be, and what poundage should I expect her to handle at first? The LAST thing I want to do is get her a nice bow that will go down to 18-20 pounds when she's really a 10 lb max for another year or two. I realize some guess work is necessary here... but surely there are better educated guesses than what I'm capable of.


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    I got my son a Diamond Atomic. He is 7. It adjusts from 8-29 pounds. I got it for several reasons.

    1. It is light enough that he can fully support it and start to work on his form. All of the other bows that would adjust low enough on poundage were too heavy for him.

    2. Draw lenght goes from I believe 17-25. This should be well within the range she needs also.

    3. It is a "real" compound bow. It has cams and real sights and a whisker biscut type rest.

    It fits him perfect and he couldnt be happier with it. I looked at every single youth bow and this to me was the best fit and was a good price. Around 200 bucks.

  3. Gford

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    THIS!!!!! Do not even look at another bow!

  4. dogdoc

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    Thanks guys. Just called DNW down in Jonesboro and they have them in stock. A bow like this should last her several years.
  5. Zach Jaynes

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    I guess I need to check with them in the morning then. They were out of them on Monday, but I had them order one for me. Santa is bringing my oldest son one of these as well. I have read NOTHING but great things about them. I'm hoping Santa brings me my first compound bow as well (always used xbow) so I'm hoping this will be something really fun for us to learn as we go together. Academy had one of the Diamond Infinite Edge's in stock today. It is adjustable from 5-70#, but it is quite a bit longer axle to axle (like 31-32" I believe), so I think the atomic will be better suited for him (and probably your little girl too) beacuse it is more their size and should be easier to handle. Good luck and have fun shooting with her!
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    Not gonna be "like mommy and daddy's" but I've got a pink Genesis she is welcome to try out. It's what they shoot at school. I'm just over on the west side of town.
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    Picked up my little boy's Atomic this morning at DNW. FYI, the gentleman at the counter told me how to measure draw length properly, so maybe this will help. He said to measure their "wingspan" from fingertip to fingertip, then subtract 15" and divide by 2. That's interesting. I'm curious to try it out.