Your Goals for the Season?

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  1. 7 point

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    Goals without a plan are just wishes.

    1 squirrel hunt at least twice a month

    2 take my oldest and youngest boy on a
    Squirrel/fishing weekend

    3 MG/MZ hunt at least once a week this
    This season

    4 do more late season squirrel hunting

    5 go on at least predator hunts on PL between Jan and March

    6 at least one deer camp weekend with
    My oldest boy

    7 give him my 30.06 that he hunts with
    All the time anyway

    8. Take a full week to go turkey hunting
    And fishing this spring

    9 go on an out of state turkey hunt

    10 win the AH squirrel hunting contest
  2. curdog1

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    10. Ain't gonna happen....

  3. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    One of these will
  4. CamoNinja

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    This is how a lot of detail oriented people think, which leads to being quite successful in most endeavors, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. For some, hunting IS a competition. But not against other hunters. It's a chess game of Man vs Nature. Those who fail to see this, probably don't really enjoy a challenge. Anything challenging is a competition, even if it's just against yourself. Mind over matter.

    Now that I'm off my soapbox, I do have a few goals this season as well.
    I'm typing this from Florida, where I am waiting on gator season to open Tuesday, so I can try to fulfill my first goal of filling these two gator tags. Accomplishing a new personal best over 11ft would be a little "gravy".

    As soon as I get back home, it's time to start a bear bait for my first time. I would consider it a goal fulfilled to tag an Arkansas black bear on opening weekend of bow season. But to be hunting on opening weekend, I'll need to fill my Arkansas gator tag on the first weekend of the hunt, so I can bow hunt the opening weekend. Filling that Arkansas gator tag would be a huge goal fulfilled. Killing a bear the following weekend would be very fortuitous.

    Turning around and filling my 3 antelope tags in Wyoming on Oct 1 would just be an absolute Hat Trick, if I kill a bear and gator the two weeks before. Ideally, I could go to my farm in Mo between gator hunting and bear hunting, for opening week of Mo bow season, and tag a buck I've had my eye on for a couple years.

    The wife, two buddies, and myself all drew ML permits for Trusten Holder, then off to Mo for the entire rifle season, hoping to kill two mature bucks between the wife and I. Then back to Arkansas for a MG permit hunt at U of A Pine Tree.

    After deer season winds down, I'm hoping to get a few miles of steel in the ground and catch at least 50 coyotes this year, along with every coon, opossum and every other critter I can snip on the paws.

    If I fill 3 gator tags, 3 antelope tags, a bear tag, 8 buck tags between the wife and I, and a huge pile o fur, I'm gonna put a big ole W on the board for this season. It's never all about the killing, but I've developed a strong distaste for tag soup!!
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  5. crackshot82

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    First goal is to kill a bull elk with my bow in Co. After that is to kill a mature buck on public land. I've mainly hunted leases. This year the lease I was on got sold out from under all the members by the president. I still have a small lease but I've been scouting and will be hunting a good bit on public.
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  6. Roundhouse

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    My first goal is to kill a 10ft gator September 15. ( drew permit, ye haw) second is fill my freezer with deer meat and hopefully kill a nice buck.
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  7. curdog1

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    Kill 100 coons
    Kill a 140" buck
    Kill enuf squirrels to make the squirrel guys envious.
  8. Kill 3 deer.
    Kill 1 deer with daughter.
    Successfuly hunt squirrels over my dog & with my daughter.
    Kill my first limit of squirrels.
    Kill some rabbits.
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  9. firehog

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    Kill a booner and if not I'm ok with basket 6.
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  10. curdog1

    curdog1 Well-Known Member

    A limit of squirrels is tough to get!!
  11. HurricaneRabbit

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    Goal 1- daughters first deer
    Goal 2- help any other yoots however I can to be successful in getting their first (or any) deer, squirrel, rabbit, dove etc. As long as hunting with kids, I guess I've accomplished a goal.
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  12. ArkGirl

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    YES!!! You get what I am saying. Even in the "competitive sport" I do with my's really myself I am most competing against. To do better than we did the last time out. It's a horse sport for "nerds" Horse and Rider start with 100 points each...we go about 60 miles (30/day), too fast you lose points...too slow you lose points... and it's the horse score I care most about. He can lose points for soundness, any metabolic issues, nicks or tack marks, manners, and how well we negotiate the obstacles over the miles. It's a lot to prepare for...and so very rewarding to finish with a sound happy horse regardless of where we place. And for what...a ribbon? It's the satisfaction of accomplishing something challenging.

    That's how I look at the hunting goals. Gives me focus...and if I do what is needed to make fulfilling those goals possible...I will be happy at the end of season regardless of any tangible "reward". I will have spent time hunting with my dad, and be better with my bow from the practice...whether or not I get a shot on a deer.
  13. flippinhntr

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    My main goal is to get my boy on his 1st archery kill. Hoping its a big ole bear. Other than that, I plan on getting enough meat to feed us til this time next year.