Your biggest buck

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by jrock, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Luv2hunt

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    Not Bobby yet.
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  2. 214Duckhunter

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    Saw him on opening day the previous year but couldn’t get on him for a shot. Flash forward to the next season on almost the same day. He paused long enough to stare down a spike and I got him. He was a traveler. Never had him on my cams but some of the neighbors had seen him.[​IMG][​IMG]

  3. TripleOG

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    A lot of cool character to those horns. Love how they curve and bend.
  4. austincrutchfield

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    The 8 point from 2007 and the 9 point from 2014 are my biggest 2. The 8 point is 4 inches bigger than the 9 point

    Screenshot_2018-05-03-11-20-52.png Screenshot_2018-05-03-11-21-22.png
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  5. tillerb

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    My best buck opening day of rifle season 2016. Killed it with my grandpas old gun in NWA 20161112_100816.jpg
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  6. Chasegal88

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    No Giant but my biggest and first buck with a bow. Story is long winded so hold on.

    Got to the stand a little late, found a tree and climbed up, got gear situated, turned around and he was at 40 yards headed toward me. Grabbed my bow and drew back and shot him at 27 yards. Fell in sight and even heard him take his last breath. Spent 20 minutes walking in and 5 minutes in the tree.

    2EA188DD-84B3-49AB-823B-B32790E9910E.jpeg 3FDB6EC6-AEDB-444B-BCC5-B3CD764D590D.jpeg
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  7. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    Se ark
    Hunted this deer for 13 days, killed him on the last day of muzzleloadin years ago. I shoulda kilt a bigger one by now...
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  8. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    My biggest buck?

    About 180 lbs of meat, I guess. Maybe 3'8" at the shoulders, though I really never stood next to him while he breathed.
  9. Cperry

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    IMG_0825.jpg IMG_2494.jpg
    Here’s my best buck. Shot him opening day of gun season 2016. Had him on camera one time during bow season at night
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  10. burkeju76

    burkeju76 Well-Known Member

    This is my best. Killed this past December, public land buck. Just got him back last week. 20180504_065852.jpg
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  11. Hogbreath

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    Hats off, sir....very well done.
  12. Kgood01b

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  13. SA Doc

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    In 2009 I had seen a great buck that I passed because I wasn’t sure of age. The summer of 2010 I got a couple of pics of him on trail cam. IMG_0487.jpg

    I hunted him really hard. I hunted that stand or in that area every weekend and PTO day I had from 1st weekend of Oct until mid December with no sightings.
    One day in mid Dec when our rut was going full blast this buck stepped out at 175 yards. I had never seen him and didn’t have any trailcam pics, but knew he was a shooter. I could count at least 15 pts.1 shot to the shoulder with my 7-08 dropped him. He had 16 scoreable points and grossed 162.

    A couple of weeks later I went back down and was sitting on a gas pipeline when the buck I had been hunting all season came out running a doe.

    Our club rules are 1 “trophy” buck per member. I took some pics and watched him chasing the doe for about 30 min.

    That afternoon , I took a buddy on the lease back to the same spot to see if he could get a shot at him. We sat in a high rack jeep watching the pipeline. Sure enough, he was still locked up with the doe and came out at about 160 yards. He hit him right at the shoulder crease with his 7 mag, but the buck ran about 125 yards. Luckily, we saw where he entered the brush because the was zero blood. We found him within a few feet of where we last saw him. I didn’t kill that one, but am claiming an assist. I can’t find the after pic, but he grossed 168.
  14. woodsman84

    woodsman84 Well-Known Member

    PB050014.JPG My best with rifle 161 7/8 Screenshot_2017-12-01-19-06-43.jpg
    Best with blackpowder 144 7/8 20180518_221159.jpg
    Best with bow 130 1/4
    Rifle and blackpowder were 6 days apart. All on public lands
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  15. ARoutdoorman

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    I believe I would have gotten kicked out of that lease
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