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  1. y hunt

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    What did we do before You Tube? I have to say it has saved me thousands of dollars. When something breaks or needs repair I just you tube it and most of the time I can figure out how to do most things myself. I just had a problem with the water heater. The reset button kept tripping. With the help of you tube I was able to discover the problem was the thermostat. A $17.00 fix. Had I called repair man it would have been in excess of $100.00. If I had called a plumber might have been a new water heater around $700.00. I did the same for my mother-in-law's roof. I learned how to put on metal roof and saved her thousands of dollars on a new roof.
    What kind of things has you tube taught you to do and how much has it saved you?
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  2. Kodiac

    Kodiac Well-Known Member

    I figured out that I did not want to lay 1700 sq. ft. of laminate flooring.
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  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    It has saved me on several occasions.

    I had a defrost timer go out on my fridge several years ago. On a Saturday morn and we had a wedding shower at the house on Sunday afternoon. My wife was in panic mode. I knew what the problem was, didn't have a clue where the timer was. Googled the problem, found a Youtube vid and it showed exactly where it was and how to get it out. Took it to the local parts place and had the fridge running again in a couple of hours.

    Had a broken mirror on the passenger side of my son's '08 F150. The local repair shop said $250 plus tax to replace it. I Youtube'd it, bought the mirror for $65 at the local after market parts place and had it installed in about 20 mins. It told the sizes of the different screws and what order to remove them for everything to come apart right.

    It's been a lifesaver and money saver several times.
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  4. ArkGirl

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    Replaced the thermal switch on a clothes dryer.. $15 part and ran for several years before I moved and gave it to a friend.
    Not only did it save me Christmas time when a repair guy would have been hard to get to come out and too cold for outdoor clothes drying...but I felt very accomplished for diagnosing and making that repair. The youtube video made it simple.
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  5. JR1

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    Incredibly handy for minor vehicle repairs. If your vehicle has a problem, chances are good someone else had it and YouTube has a video.
  6. lilturkeyhunter

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    YouTube fixes at my house:
    The power steering cable on my old car (it was metal and the piece was 500). Car was old so he found a patch job. $6. Worked until the car was traded in.
    Dryer belt
    Washing machine thing that was leaking
    Some bar thing in the motor of his truck
    Lifters on an older car we had. Saved TONS
    Lots of minor car repairs
    How to set the calipers on my brakes on my current car
    Installing a new icemaker in our fridge
    Cleaning injectors on a boat motor
    I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones that I know saved us a bit of $$.
    It's great that so much is out there.
  7. outdoorjunkiebj

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    When i show up to work someones heat and air, and they have been "watchin you tube and working" on it......i charge extra, alot extra. Most of the time it gets people jackin with crap they shouldnt.
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  8. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I also know my limits. If I am not 100% confident I can do it I turn it over to a pro.
  9. outdoorjunkiebj

    outdoorjunkiebj Well-Known Member

    Well i figure my last statement was just a in general, alot of people are ok to tackle something, some people tackle stuff that shouldnt be putting on their shoes unsupervised.
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  10. ArkGirl

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    Yeah I wouldn't mess with the A/C unit or try to perform brain surgery. But a part on a washer/dryer that would be not worth fixing if I hired a betcha...all day long.
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  11. Luv2hunt

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    When I have a repair that needs to be done, I always check YouTube first and watch a couple videos of the repair. At that point I’ll know if I am capable of the repair or need to take it somewhere else. I know my limitations.
    YouTube has saved me a bundle with repairs that I’ve been able to do myself.
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  12. lilturkeyhunter

    lilturkeyhunter Well-Known Member

    VM knows if the job is beyond him.

    I forgot this massive undertaking: fuel pump in his '97 Chevy truck. The bed had to be taken off. It was a big money saver, though.

    He also used YouTube to fix the gremlin that lived in the taillight wiring system of the same truck. There was a wire shorting out that burned out the board in the light. I was very happy he found that problem.
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  13. hawgpharm

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    This is what I do as well. I have fixed a lot of things by watching the videos and I have avoided working on some things by watching the videos and realizing it was more than I wanted to do.
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    MO HUNTER Well-Known Member

  15. hillbillycycles

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    My list is way too long to remember or put on here but I will tell you my son and I are going to tackle putting a double DIN player with Bluetooth and backup camera in his Tacoma this weekend. Thanks to youtube I have pretty much gotten the job laid out.
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  16. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    My dad does that for a living, has for 40ish years now. Have fun, I’ve watched and helped him a bunch of times. It shouldn’t be too bad as long as you’ve got the right kit and harness.
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  17. Onetrakd

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    Bluetooth and back up cameras have been in vehicles 40 years? Impressive.....
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  18. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    Car audio in general. Smart ***
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  19. woodsman84

    woodsman84 Well-Known Member

    Back when I wouldn't do more than change a battery or tire. After getting small engines and boat motors back with the same problems they left with I went to YouTube and fixed them myself. Have also fixed washer dryer and frig. Not sure on total savings
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  20. John Stiles

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    I found out that to change the 3rd brake light bulb on a Chrysler Pacifica wagon, you hafta remove the whole top spoiler and replace the whole light fixture which cost $55.00 on flea bay! Looks like we’ll trade it in instead! Lmbo!