You must wear a mask.

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    Well......if that guy was young enough, maybe

    Here's my take. Everyone, including me, say that the Experts have been wrong at every turn. So, I/we don't put a LOT of faith in what they say this week.

    But on the other hand, I don't put a lot of stock in what all you NON-experts say either. The experts all make definitive statements, and so do y'all. I don't trust either of you!

    I have no clue what's going on, but sort of like predicting End of Time events, nobody has a clue what's really going to happen. So make whatever decision you want, we are all Free men. But it seems counter-intuitive to say masks do nothing. If an infected person blows out germs from his mouth, I want him to have a mask, and I want a mask to keep his germs out of mine. Yes, the mask itself introduces risks. But neither way of looking at it is 100%, but there's no logical way that a mask couldn't help SOME. So wear, or don't.
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    i think the problem with masks is there is very little definitive data - either way - and the so called experts have been so back and forth, it is hard to get on board with it. As Allen says, if it was like seat belts and studies definitively showed mask use slowed spread by 50%, then old Asa would be crazy for not mandating the use of masks - freedoms be damned. But these wishy washy mask use studies make it a little more difficult. And his decision isnt just about more folks getting or not getting the covid. He has to start thinking about shutting down business again, food processing plants shutting down, hospitals going back to essential services only, schools re-opening in the fall. As far out in the woods as I live, I am not immune from the effects. Guy that mows the grass at our deer camp tells me yesterday he is under quarantine because his dad has the covid and is in the hospital. I gave him a wide birth - and he wasnt wearing a mask.
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    SwampCat I agree with almost everything thing you are saying except I don’t have any faith in politicians or the media telling us the truth. The experts change their mind every time the wind blows and the media is so corrupt they record their reporters talking about all the dummies with no masks on a screaming the sky is falling as their camera man isn’t wearing one. We know they both got their and will leave in the same vehicle. I think if we had statesmen instead of politicians we could beat this shortly and we’d trust them but sadly if there are anymore statesmen they are few and far between. They all have an agenda that doesn’t involve improving our nation. Always enjoy your point of view and don’t disagree just my perspective is slightly skewed on this mess. I will predict thought if a dimocrat wins this will be over within a few weeks.
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    Yet they are some places that are having to shut down again and or shutting down on there own.
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    I think that they really don't know and they are trying everything to try to protect us.
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    If they can't keep there hands off there phone while driving they should be stopped and there phone smashed on the road!
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    If they make me aware a mask or not be served do I leave a Tip?
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    There was only one John Wayne and he was only tough in movies. So don't try to be one.
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    Now they want to change the name of John Wayne International airport in Cali because Duke was racist. That about tears it.
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    I seen that I don't like it ----Did they say why If they did I missed it. ---Sorry I did get that he was standing up for the white people.
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    Well, idiots will be idiots. They can't help it.
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    I think you have entirely too much faith in the government... I have ZERO issues with people taking precautions they deem necessary. You will not hear me run down a single person who chooses for themselves what is best. However when they, or the government for that matter, start trying to tell me what I need to do that’s where I draw the line. If you’re scared, have medically necessitated reasons, or are of the at risk age? Stay home. Socially distance. Wear your mask. Do whatever it is you deem necessary, and I’ll respect that fully. Leave me and mine the heck alone.
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    Well, it depends, did you stay and eat or leave once they made you aware?

    It’s not the wait staffs call on whether or not you wear a mask. Don’t take it out on them.
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    Stayed an ate..Ask me one time for a refill..
    That's it..Continued serving other customers around me..I didn't leave a Tip..
    I usually always do..
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    The folks that wear mask are probably the same fools that have auto insurance.
  17. Exactly.. It's the fear mongering and guilt tripping that hacks me off.. 99% of the folks I've seen wearing a mask including those in the medical profession have not a clue on how to properly wear the face mask.. And don't get me started on the type of mask being worn..
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    I don't think I could pee on somebody 3 feet away.
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    how old are you - you might need to pay my son a visit;)
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    Well you are a self proclaimed elite bow hunter, so we all kinda knew that.
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