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You have got to be kidding me...

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:smack: :banghead: I took off this morning to go hunt some private ground that a guy had been offering to let me hunt. We met at his house this morning at 5 am and headed out. we got to the ranch about 5:45 and it was windy as heck. He's not a turkey hunter so he dropped me off and gave me an overview of the lay of the land a nd told me how to get to where he would be. This several hundred acre ranch is supposed to be covered up in turkeys but I didn't see or hear any this morning. I think some of the ranch hands have been shooting a few so they're not as visible as they were. Anyway, I was fine with not seeing any and was ready to go to town to get some breakfast and get ready for work. On the way out, he shows me a 200 acre lese that he's got and shows me where they had deercamp. He then takes me to a big clear cut that is about 100yds down a little road from camp. We walk down to the cut and over a burm and get about 40 yds down the cut road and we spot a tom about 250 yds out in the cut in full strut. WE watch for a little while and see 2 big toms strutting and at least 2 or 3 hens. THey never saw us (he was in a white t shirt and blue shorts) we back out real easy and try to devise a plan. I don't want to screw it up so i watch them from a brush pile off the edge of the cutroad and see they are headed in my direction but down the draw into the lower end of the cut. I decide right then that that is wehre they are going and that I am going to cut through the woods and get down there and set up and wait so I do. In the meantime my buddy tells me hes going to get a camo shirt and set up so he can watch me sneak up on the turkeys. I wanted to ask him to stay at the truck but it's kinda hard to do when its his lease so i didn't say anything. when he went to his truck, I cut down through the woods and slipped down to the low end of the cut. I get to the edge and spot the birds about 80 yds out and headed my way except headed to come out a little higher than where I was so I start to crawl up the edge of the cut to get up there to intercept them. when I got to the spot I wanted to get to, i got to my knees and started glasssing, expecting the birds to be right there but couldn't see them. I finally spot them and they look kind of spooked and are farther away. I figured they must have spotted me moving so I took out my slate and made a few calls. The toms went back into strut and started heading my way. I was watching them and knew I was about to connect when all of a sudden, I hear "Don't Shoot Andy!!!" and dude jumps up from right in the middle of the turkeys and they scatter but 3 of them are flying right at me. I pick out a jake and fire 3 shots at it from about 15-30 yds and didn't kill it. the 2 longbeards went the other way. Seems he had got down to the brush pile that I was at initially when I was watching them trying to devise a plan so he could watch and the turkeys got within about 5 yds of him, he got scared that I was about to shoot any minute so he stood up and yelled. I don't even know what to think about all this except that I wish I would have asked him to sit in the truck :banghead:
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I know that stinks, man, but be thankful he had the presence of mind to shout out. Your post would be infinatly more tragic if you had shot him.
I thought about that. If i would have had a Rhino/Nitro combo, he'd probably been shot cause those birds were about 60 yds. My maximum range with my current set up is 35-40 yds. My head is still spinning from the whole ordeal.
Just be glad nobody was hurt, that's insane. Most turkey accidents happen when a buddy/son/dad seperates from one another.
I should have waited for him to get back from the truck to tell him where I was going before I headed out.
That's got to be the funniest turkey hunt story I've heard in a long time. You put a bigole grin on my face, and believe me it needed it!! Mark that story down as your all time campfire grin getter!:biggrin:
I'd have dang near shot him anyway, Thats Crazy!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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