you got to be kidding!

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    pretty much sums it up we are screwed!:banghead::mad:

    Dec 6, 2012 1:19pm
    Atlanta TELEVISION NEWSCAST - National Disgrace I'll bet there's about 75% or more of the people in this country that will never get the word on this. For America’s sake, people, please pass it on. HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT, YOU AIN'T GONNA BELIEVE THIS!!! This is for real-------Please watch this News Report Atlanta TELEVISION NEWSCAST...WSB TV Outrageous!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY BUT UN-BELIEVABLE!!!
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    What's going on!:eek:
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    i copy and pasted guess it didnt all come over, let me see if i can get the link
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    You killing me smalls!
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    Uh, ok then Bush was a idiot for starting this crap just like he was for no chilf left behind and tarp.
    By the way your link doesn't work for me. I would be interested to see what legislators name is attached to thst expendature.
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    I don't know which one of you guys Links is the right one but they are all very disturbing.
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    Our tax dollars at work - misguided as usual:hopeless:
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    The congress keeps saying its the entitlements that the problem.

    I feel different, the mosque crap, foreign aid to HAMAS, the Philippines, the Afghanistan crap. We the USA send billions and billions of dollars overseas every day, this is not included in the budget of daily expenditures!!! Then Odumbo order the Navy to use Bio Algae diesel at $424.00 per gallon. Billions of dollars to his friends for wind farms and electric cars that are all a scams.

    We cut that out and we can afford to take care of ourselves.
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    it was the one about repairing the sewer system in ciaro egypt! because I work in the water and wastewater industry and we have a hard time getting funding and they spend 770 million on this sewer prodject cause a muslim mosque. maybe we would get more money if we had a mosque in Bigelow! lol prolly wouldn go over well!