yote are getting out of control around here.

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  1. Well, I decided I wanted more points for the bowhunting contest so I went yote hunting in our cattle field here behind the house. I walked out and set up the caller, looked up and seen 37 yote running around and bedded down in the far corner and just about all threw the field. I was amazed. So I ducked down and low crawled into the wood line and got settled in. I hit the caller and one of them broke loose. He came up and I nailed him with the bow at 20 yards. He was walking straight at me so I put it under his chin. He dropped. Then I grabbed the 270. Unfortunetly I only have a four round clip for it. I hammered one and they went running EVERYWHERE. I got two more as they were running off and used the last round to finish one of them off. I have never even heard of a pack that size. Or I guess there could have been more than one pack but still this is rediculous. I am declaring WAR. Well here is a pic of the one I got with the bow. The others were all gut shots and kinda gory so I didn't take pics with them. The wife almost got sick when she seen them, lol.

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    Man that is awesome. Sounds like you have some endless entertainment for months trying to kill all those jokers. You need to get some dynamite and chunk it in the group. Kill em all with one blow

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    37??? Man you need kill some more of those suckas!
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  5. I'm trying. After seeing that I'm going to invite over a few friends for a day of yote killin.
  6. now the wife is really thinking about letting me get an AR. When she seen all them yote she was shocked, especially when I told her the 270 could only carry 4 in the clip. So something good might come from this. :biggrin:
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    The only good ones are the dead ones!:clap: Way to go!
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    Ill grab my AR and come give ya a hand one Saturday if ya want :)
  9. sounds good brother, that is the next time I get a saturday off, lol. I owe you a yote hunt anyway.
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    My gosh, hows your deer/turkey population?
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    Makes me wander what they are eating?
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    :thumb: kill em all!!! Our lease is getting that way too
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    Thats a bunch of coyotes. Good work getting one with a bow.
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    Congrats!!! Kill em all!!!
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    I can't tell if you're serious or not. 37!? How did you even count them? Did you get any photos? I would love to see that. I once drove across the entire state of Kansas overnight and I saw 48 coyotes, and I thought that was an ungodly number, and that was hundreds of miles through prime country in the dark. 37 in one field in the daylight in Arkansas? That's crazy. Please post some video or pictures if you happen to get any. Good luck with your hunt.
  17. funny thing. I've seen more deer and turkey this year than I have I years.
  18. i didn't have a camera. I had to have the wife go back and get one for the bow kill. I have NEVER seen more than 12 in that field until today. But seeing 10-12 in that field at once is nothing. That's why I started yote hunting to begin with.
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    I will take you up on it man. Just let me know what Saturday and ill drive up there. You still have my number?
  20. last four 5051?