yo yo's for catfish in the winter

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by keyman157, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. keyman157

    keyman157 Well-Known Member

    I do a lot of my catfishing with yo-yo's in the spring and summer. I have never fished for them in the winter. Do catfish bite on yo-yo's in the winter or late fall? I fish mainly on the Ouachita river outside of El Dorado. If they do bite, what would be the better bait this time of year, minnows, liver, or some kind of prepared bait. Thanks
  2. BKoutdoorsman

    BKoutdoorsman Well-Known Member

    I caught some a few weeks ago on minnows in an oxbow lake

  3. JB Weld

    JB Weld Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    With all this warm weather it will probably be like fishing in early spring.

    I think the water temps are still pretty warm for this time of year.

    Take your skeeter spray!
  4. wbcalkin

    wbcalkin Well-Known Member

    Caught some nice cats in November using minnows I prefer minnows to me it betters your odds of just catching fish in general weather catfish,crappie or even bass
  5. SwampCat

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    Catch lots of cats late Jan and during Feb on minnows
  6. keeb

    keeb Well-Known Member

    Worked out pretty good for me a week and a half ago. Caught them in a lake on minnows.

  7. keyman157

    keyman157 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies. I thought it might be good, but had my doubts. That last picture has got me fired up and I think I will go this weekend.