Yet another clinton foundation witness dies (that's 2 last week)

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Polywog, Jul 16, 2017 at 3:44 PM.

  1. tmeredith

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    Wow! That's crazy. How can anybody get away with all they've done?

  2. R6mm

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    Makes you wonder how difficult it would be to buy a life insurance policy....if you're scheduled to testify against the Clinton's, or their criminal foundation ?
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  4. John Stiles

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    Answer: they won't....not as long as the Almighty one God sits on his Throne!
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  5. Yall are gonna think I am crazy, but in my mind, they "get away with it" because it is supernatural. The devil is protecting his own.
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  6. Chasegal88

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    It's easy, you either need a lot of money or a lot of dirt on the right people.
  7. Mr. Chitlin

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    There is no S H A M E in Clinton!!
  8. Mr. Chitlin

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    Sounds like they were "Vince Fostered".