Yellow Black Mouth Cur Female For Sale

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    11 month old YBMC female for sale. I have worked this gyp in the bay pen almost every day since May 2012 and she will bay the hair off a hog. She has been to the woods 3 times of which 2 hogs were bayed and caught. She responded to the bay each time and bayed with pack. Can get a little gritty when baying with another dog and bays really tight. Has not struck own hog, and stayed in site during hunts which is expected at this point. She is extremely fast, uses nose really good for a young dog. I believe she will be a good dog with woods time. $200 and located in Benton. Call or text 501-794-7040. Dog baying on the left is Ella.

    Ella2.JPG Ella1.JPG
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    If she dont sale let me know also im looking for a yellow black mouth pup if u know of any for sale??
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    Back up for sale. Did not mention in original post that she is shy. She is a 1 man dog and it will take her a few days to get used to you. First $100 OBO takes her. Got to make room for new bulldog is only reason for sale. Call or text 501-794-7040. Have video of her baying in pen and woods. Been on 5 more hogs in the woods since original post. Thanks!
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    Ill take her and pick her up tomorrow.
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