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Yellow Black Mouth Cur Breeders...

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I'm looking for BMC breeders in Arkansas. Do any of you know where some are?
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maybe let me get ahold of the guy and wat do u want them 4
Mostly to help on cattle, but if I can get them to tree squirrels or catch hogs thats a bonus.
My buddy and I raise foundation blackmouth curs. We're in the southwest part of the state.

What line do you raise and what do you use them for? Do have anything for sale at this time?
Brian ashcraft 870 403-3341 wetherford Ben ,hell cat stuff
Thanks Raney. I will give Brian a call after Christmas.
We use ours for hogs. Foundation dogs all go back to Weatherford ben.
Thanks Mathew. Id like to talk t o you about your dogs sometime. If you would messagr me your number and I will give you a call after Christmas.
dont know any breeder in AR, but I have 2 ladner yellow black mouth curs from MS, gyp is fixed but male dog is awesum and both are great hog dogs
Hey guys, i'm still looking.

I appreciate all the help so far and have enjoyed the conversations.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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