Yamaha 3 cyl question?

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  1. RealOak

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    I have a yamaha 50 hp 3 cyl and if your lucky enough to get it started without flipping the emergency switch it will run in neutral and reverse but dies when in forward. You have to run it with the emergency switch on for a while then you can flip the switch back to normal and it runs great. Any ideas on what could be wrong or are all yamahas like that till they get warmed up?
  2. greenhead smackdown

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  3. RealOak

    RealOak Well-Known Member

    A little red switch behind the breather box toward the bottom of the carbs has 3 positions normal, emergency, and closed.
  4. Razorback123

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    ive never heard of that before....
  5. stumpy waters

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    Me neither.

    Sounds like you just need to leave it on "emergency" for a while, then flip the switch back to normal, at which time it will run great.

    Problem solved.
  6. RealOak

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    Well that might work if I was the only 1 hunting at a place but seeing how im not and it runs like crap on emergency that wouldnt work very well
  7. riverbum410

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    what is the purpose of a emergency switch? what is it supposed to do?
  8. RealOak

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    Im not sure unless it gives it more gas
  9. Bbarre

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    Not positive but my buddy use to have an 04 40 3 cyl yam and it had no choke on the outside anywhere to be found so in this case u better have a hot battery to start it considering just about all yamahas are a lil cold natured. We were looking one day and found what u are talking about and best we could figure it acts basicly like a choke when its on emergency.
  10. RealOak

    RealOak Well-Known Member

    Thats what I was thinking it might be likeva choke
  11. Honey Locust

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    PM JLA. He would know.
  12. jla

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    That motor has an enrichment type cold start scheme rather than true choke valves, can be a PITA in colder temps cold starting. The lever your flipping is manually pushing fuel to the carbs. Causes of failure could be solenoid not getting voltage, pump stopped up, diaphram bad, overall dirty carbs, are some that come to mind. It generally running poorly says dirty carbs to me. Enricher cold start systems will easily flood the motor, can be very frustrating if everything is not right.
  13. Magnum01

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    The 2005 60hp Yamaha I had has the same switch. After a few years of fighting cold starts I got to looking at owners manuals on the net and found this switch that I didn't know was there. Although I really don't understand the logic putting the switch where it is if its supposed to be used as a choke it really made a big difference in start time. I would switch mine to "emergency" and let it run 30 seconds or so then switch it back to "normal" and mine would run fine.