Y'all cookin for Superbowl?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by bett_lou, Feb 1, 2008.

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    Some friends of ours were having a crawfish boil but they counseled it today. It's suppose to rain and their yard is already muddy and they don't want everybody in and out of their new house while it's raining. MAN! I was wanting some crawfish bad. One of the local bar and grills might have some crawfish cooked Sunday for the game. They will know by tomorrow. The guy at the bar told me they were $2.00 a pound but because of Superbowl and Mardi Gras being Tuesday they have went up .50 in one day.

    Can't decide if I want to do that or just cook something at home.

    I have some crabclaws and some shrimp in the freezer. Daughter said something about cooking some steaks. Decisions, decisions.
  2. Buba Garrett

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    Buba's buffalo wings
    Range Rattlers- extremely good and extremely HOT:mad:
    various horsedobbers!
    Still considering the rest!
    One thing for sure after eating all this hot and spicy stuff I will be able to S$#@ thru a screen door- probably could have left that part out huh!!!!!

  3. bayman1975

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    I usually do, but this year I'll be sitting in a hotel room in Springdale. I'll just go see the colonel at KFC for some hot wings.
  4. buckhorn

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    Probably gonna grill some venison-bacon burgers, make some cheese dip
    and do some sort of buffalo wings. Kids ain't much into spicy so we will probably do barbe-que wings.