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    Had a great hunt in Wyoming. We bow hunted for 3.5 days prior to the gun opener 10/1. Our traditional hot spot had more bugling than we had ever heard. Multiple bulls and bugling late into the day.

    One day we were 150 yards from a nice bull with about 8 cows, and we saw another huge herd far off that must have had 50 elk. They spooked at some hikers, and filed across the river forever. I saw more elk that day than I have in all my other elk trips put together.

    Mostly the bulls were "henned up," and we couldnt do much with them. We did find one lonely bull. I bugled once and he crossed the river, coming to us. We closed the distance along a trail and bumped into hikers. The minute we turned from the hikers, the bull was 100 yards away turning and running off.

    Sometimes things are too good to be true. We apparently werent the only people who knew about all the elk in there. Camps started rolling in, and opening day I counted 13 hunters in there. We thought we had a sure thing, but that's public land for ya. I got close to killing a bugling bull opening day that just evaporated, and my partner missed one.

    Elk got a little more scarce the rest of the week. Weather was good with about a foot of snow Monday. Zero degrees Tuesday morning! I sat on a long narrow park Tuesday night. My range finder picked up a rock not quite at the end at 350 yards. A whole herd of elk trotted out and started feeding at dark. I watched the bull walk towards me in the scope, and when he turned I automatically held at the top of his back and fired... He didnt react at all. I then realized that the bull was still probably 450 yards away. At this point a logical person would say "too far" and put the gun down, but I decided to empty my rifle just to let him know what side I was on. I held a foot or two over his back and still missed. Not my finest moment.

    Thursday was our last day to hunt. We had seen 2 distant bulls in the morning, but we couldnt get on them. They must have bedded close to where I missed Tuesday night, so I sat that same park that evening, but I sat 100 yards from where the elk came out. With a couple minutes of shooting light left, several cow elk piled into the park 75 yards away. I was about to shoot one, when I thought, "Wait, there's got to be a bull here." There he was in the edge of the woods. Didnt find him until 9:30 pm, so between that and packing out, our return trip home was a little delayed, but it sure felt good to come home with some meat!

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    Nice. Congratulations. Any public land bull elk is a trophy. Love that country.
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    Congrats, my friend! Proud for you!
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    Got it done! Congrads. Three long days and I am on my way out there.
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    That's awesome! Congrats!
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    Way to get it done, congratulations! I'm jealous for sure.
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    thanks for sharing story and photo's. that is really beautiful country.
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    Good luck! Can't wait to hear how you do.
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    Awesome story, sounds like it was a fun week!
  10. Congratulations and great story!
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    Good story and I'm envious of your trip!
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    For any of you trying to plan a trip... Finally did the math. The trip cost me $1,361 in total.

    There are a lot of horse related costs involved here. I pay for half of the coggins, shoes, feed, etc. We also needed a couple new tires on the horse trailer, and I paid for half of those. You could easily knock $300 off of that if you excluded horse stuff, and factored in much better fuel mileage. My half of the fuel was $389!

    Tag alone is $577
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