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    Pulling this thread back up because we are now in our research/planning phase of getting an Antelope hunt happening for my husband and I. Just like for the elk hunts here in Arkansas...the planning/research is half the fun for me. I have searched and followed these threads and it's exciting to think about! Lot's of homework to do!
    Thinking Wyoming is the best bet.

    Hobbshunter it seems you did draw for 9 with 1 preference point correct? How many in your group did that? Where did you guys stay during the hunt?

    Y-Hunt...what did you end up deciding to try for? Are you going this year?

    Has anyone used the info/listings on the Hunter/Landowner Assistance program pages?
    We are thinking we will buy preference points this year, and plan to hunt in 2018.
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    I'm sure you've seen it but the deadline for draw is end of this month

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    Yes...but for purchasing points it says July 3rd-Oct 31st. We won't enter the draw for a license until next spring.
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    Lesson I learned the hard way, which many of you probably already know......when you apply for a tag and purchase a pref point with it, the point is for the following year not current.
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    We have entered the draw for Antelope buck, 2 antelope doe/fawn, and mule deer buck. We should draw the two buck tags for sure. I would also expect at least one doe tag. We are going in the Casper area. I am going to take a full two weeks for hunting. We are going to camp as the nearest hotel would be almost an hour drive one way. I have been planning for a long time and spent countless hours in studying and preparation for the hunt. The biologist and game wardens can be very helpful with information. All the ones I talked to seemed to enjoy helping me. I have plans to meet with the local warden and take him to dinner because he was so much help. If you are planning a hunt for 2018 I will be glad to share what I learn this fall.
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    That sounds fantastic Y hunt! definitely keep us posted on your draw and trip! I want to camp wherever we go. So much more fun to me and more of an overall experience.
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    Yes buy the points. There are a lot of areas 1 point will draw no point less than 60% chance. I would also buy a mule deer point. A lot of regions will draw with one point as well.
    We plan on scouting for a possible cow elk hunt in the same area as they do not use a point system on cow hunts. It is later in the fall so weather can be a major concern, but I would like to hunt an elk some time in my life.
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    Ok...that's all good to know. What unit are you trying for? Are you hunting public or have you made contact on any private land? We MAY have a chance at some private land through a friend...near Gilette. I need to do more research on the different units and what the odds are for draw etc.
    It's great that you are taking two weeks. We will take at least a week...hopefully more. And I do like the idea of trying for a mule deer and/or a doe/fawn tag. I want the hide and meat most of all. (although of course if it had some head gear I'd be thrilled too) I hope you can get to hunt the elk. It's fun and the meat is awesome!
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    I was just talking about trying this a few days ago. It looks like you can get out there and back fairly cheap(well under a thousand dollars anyway).
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    Correct. 4 hunters, but one cancelled. I think you can put in up to 4 in a group.
    Stayed here: http://www.prairieviewcampground.com/

    There's a chance you could draw this year if yall want to put in. Plus, I'd plan on putting in for a doe tag too.
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    If you drew 9, Hobbs might even share his secret spot....
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    There's a landowner just a few miles east of Lusk (area 9) by the name of Pizinski. DO NOT tell him you are from Arkansas wanting to hunt antelope. You can thank Wilhnt4food for that one. Guys got a ton of Alfa Alfa circles tho. Used to let us hunt it til my pard thought he'd go heels with the landowner! Some peoples kids....
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    Do tell...
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    Long story, I'll try to find time to type it up tomorrow
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    We killed ours around the Douglas area. Every on in our group got one. We hunted private land and there was no charge for it. Also got our tags over the counter at their game and fish (or what ever their version is called) office. This was in 1984 so I'm sure things have changed. LOL Sorry, not much help.
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    2014 was the year of the Great Standoff.

    I know a lot of the locals from working/living there in 2011. Although I don't drink, I was 21 at the time and spent many hours in the local bar with friends from work. At said bar, there was a poker game every Thursday night and eventually I started playing with these guys (older ranchers mostly so of course they knew everybody and everything that went on in town). That's where I sparked up a good friendship with one of the guys who still hosts me and my wife every October. All that being said, in 2013, myself and 3 friends were there hunting and at that bar one night when one of them is chatting it up with a guy named Pizinksi. I never saw their conversation or even met the guy but apparently he gave us permission to hunt his 6 or 8 Alfa Alfa circles. The next day we go to his place and he's on a tractor in a field, my friend goes out there and talks to him and again he says hunt all you want. So we do. Had a blast.

    Fast forward to 2014, myself wilhnt4food and another friend are hunting up there. (The one who met Pizinksi didn't go this year). I called Pizinksi myself the day we are driving up and said something to the effect "we're the boys from Arkansas you let hunt last year. I never met you myself but you had talked with my friend at the bar and gave us permission. That particular friend isn't with us this year but we would still like to hunt your place....yada yada...." He says not a problem, I won't even be out there any til next week, help yourselves and be careful.

    Awesome! So the 3 of us are hunting the first day on one of the circles....that didn't work so we get in the truck to drive down a 2 track road on the edge of the circle and all of a sudden the road turns to mud quick! Wilhnt's brand new loaded Nissan Titan was buried! We wollar the truck all around and only make the ruts worse. We're stuck and got nobody to help. Everyone I knew to call was out working. Eventually I go walking down the sure enough main dirt road and flag down a truck. The guy driving is a big burly dude and grouchy as all get out. I tell him what happened and we just need someone to pull us out if he didn't mind. He asks who gave us permission to be out there and I say mr Pizinksi (this is him but he never tells me). In a not so happy manner he just says 'I'll be back' and speeds off. About an hr later, here comes a big ole tractor right for us. He pulls up, doesn't say much but we get the truck pulled out and he gets out of the tractor. I stick my hand out to shake hands and thank him and say 'what was your name again?' (Remember he never told me in the first place but this was my way of kind of breaking the ice maybe). He just stands there and doesn't shake my hand. He angrily says, 'you already forgot my name?'. At this point I realize it's Pizinksi himself and we were screwed lol. I stand there not really knowing what to say so he speaks again saying in a calm manner 'y'all just get all your stuff and leave and don't f'ing come back'. Shocked me and I said 'what was that?', he says 'leave and don't f'ing come back, I should charge y'all $500 for messing up my road.' I just said 'ok.........'

    This is where Wilhnt4food chimes in and laughs!! Of course this just made Pizinksi (bout 60 yr old, 6ft 4, 300lbs of pure farmer) even more mad and he says 'u think this is f'ing funny!?' and he takes a step toward my ole buddy! Wilhnt ain't a small guy himself. At the time he was about 27yo, 6ft 2, 250lbs maybe and fresh off of knee surgery. Of course being the smart alec he is, he responded with 'matter a fact I do' and takes a step toward ole big'n. The whole time I'm thinking...well this went to hell in a hand basket REAL quick. Luckily enough that was the end, Pizinksi said 'get the f outta here'. So we did.

    At the time, I was kinda mad at my bud for being a hot head but really he was just sticking up for us I reckon. I was real nervous for what all the local rancher/poker playing buddies of mine would have to say about all this when they caught wind of it. Up to that point I had earner a great reputation amongst all of them even tho I was just a kid and they were all highly successful ranch owners. I thought 'well there goes the neighborhood, I'll be banned from this lil town from now on.' All of this happened on u know what day....Thursday....poker night. So we get to the bar that night and the first thing they all do when we walk in the door is bust up laughing and making fun of us because we made ole dude mad. Turns out, he's a known hot head and they all thought that was the funniest thing ever! Better yet, one of the guys felt bad for us so he tells us to call his buddy and go hunt his place the next day.......his buddy was Pizinski's neighbor!!!

    Good times
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    That is a great story!
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    In north east Wyoming you can buy doe tags after the draw online or over the counter. Tons left. Lots of buck tags to.
    We went to an area where it's a lot of land locked blm ground. Paid a fee to a guide to get access. Had a great hunt.
    Will be going back next year!
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    Well how'd the draw go for everyone? I drew buck and doe for area 30 and a doe for 9. Wanting to bow hunt this year but haven't decided
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    I drew a mule deer tag, area k