WTT: Ruger P95 w/ 2 mags

Discussion in 'Want to Buy/Trade' started by factory909, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. factory909

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    I bought this new in 2007, haven't shot it a whole lot. Its in great condition, has the two mags that come with it, the quick loader and a cloth zippable case. Ill also throw in 4 boxes of 9MM rounds. I'm wanting to trade for duck hunting stuff, deer hunting stuff, or a jack plate, something like a PT-35. Ill get some pictures tonight.
  2. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    WTT: Ruger P95 w/ 2 mags - PICTURES


  3. bjadventures

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    Bow for gun

    Would you be interested in trading a Jennings compound bow for the pistol?
  4. Hudge

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    Bump for a great pistol. I have the same one, but will probably have to part with it soon myself.
  5. BushMan

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    cash price ?
  6. kdailey

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    Guys, I think he has already sold or traded this gun, and it just didn't get closed. keith