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This Xbox has seen very little use. We purchased it new and just hardly ever played it. Everything works great. I am just not a gamer I guess. Includes everything needed to get you going - Xbox, power cable, 4 controllers (2 original xbox controllers and 2 gamestop controllers) as well as the DVD remote controller and sensor. Also included are 22 games (no cases or instructions for games): Gun, NCAA Football 2005, Top Spin, Bloodwake, Rally Sport Challenge, Dukes of Hazzard, Black, Hitman 2, Halo, Grand Theft Auto 3, Monster Garage, Rapal Pro Fishing, Splinter Cell, High Roller Casino, Championship Bowling, Calll of Duty 2, NBA Jam, Cabelas Deer Hunt, Project Gotham Racing, MX Unleashed, ATV 2, Need for Speed Underground 2. Ready for pickup in Bryant. Would like to trade for some hunting or fishing equipment. Mainly interested in fishing equipment, but am open to almost anything. Just let me know what you got. PM for more info.
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