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WTT My labor for ..

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I would like to trade working for you a couple days a month or a long day (we'll work it out) on your land doing whatever you need whether mowing, cooking, gardening or maintenance...for a little quite time shooting. Ideally I could bring steel targets or posts with targets and set them out up to 200-500+ yards for a little shooting. I'd always respect your wishes and clean up after myself and treat the property like it was my own but I just don't have any land to shoot on and the longest range near me is Hobbs state park and it's closed until Feb 1 plus its only 100 yards. I would appreciate your consideration. I live in Fayetteville so really anywhere within about 45 mins to 1 hr away would be great.
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does nobody need free help??
Ok I will pay you to let me shoot, I'm not trying to do anything crazy, just shoot a .308, I'll clean up, I don't drink or do drugs....I don't have long hair or listen to rap....come on guys...
If it makes ya feel any better if I had ground I'd let ya, but unfortunately I'm kinda in the same boat as you.
Well I'll keep trying....thank you to those who responded..... maybe I shoulda put it on my christmas list.
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