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Just want to see what's out there. I have a Kahr CW9 I am considering trading for a double stack 9mm. I bought this gun for cc, but it stays by the bed most of the time. I would rather have a higher capacity pistol for that though. The pistol comes with 2 mags, the box, and the paper work for it. The gun has not been shot that much. The recommended 200 breaking in rounds suggested by Kahr plus about 50. I am interested in SR9C, XD9, XD9M, M&P9C, Glock, ect.... Compact or sub-compact only. The only single stack pistol I would consider is a CM9. That is one of the pistols on the top of my "get next list".

I would also consider 40cals. I would include 9mm ammo for 40cal ammo. I have 150-200 rounds of ammo; about 100 hollos points and the rest fmj's.
I can include some cash if need be.
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