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I am offering for trade a Mossberg 151M(a) .22 rifle
This is a somewhat unique rifle that you just do not see much these days.

Manufactured in 1947-1948

Excellent to Very Good condition
Walnut Mannlicher stock with Monte Carlo cheek piece
Semi-Auto with very nice trigger
15 round tube magazine fed from the butt stock
Vintage Tasco Scope (that is surprisingly clear)
I hope that I look this good when I am 64 years old!

This is a fun, historic, dependable shooter that will probably draw a crowd when you pull it out at the range.
I am placing a Trade Value of $275 on the vintage Mossberg.
I am only looking for trades on pistols or rifles right now.

I would be very interested in trading for a bolt action tube fed .22 rifle with good optics.
I am not hung up on dollar amount for a decent straight trade. I have listed several in a post below.

PM me if you are interested.
I am in Little Rock.
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