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WTT- for a Bolt action .22 rifle or .17 HMR

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I am looking for a Bolt Action .22 with a tube mag. I am not looking for a Historical Piece or something NIB.
I am looking for a solid bolt action squirrel getter. I do not mind a couple of light bumps of bruises.
This will be a hunting rifle for me.

I have a Marlin Model 60 in Excellent to Very Good condition that I would like to make a straight trade on.
This is the newer Model 60 with the bolt hold open where the bolt locks back after the last round is fired. I got it on a trade with a guy I work with and he was the original owner.
It is clean, oiled up, and ready to pop some homicidal turtles in the pond or defend the chicken coop from hordes of racoons!
If your rifle has a scope on it, I can come up with an equitable scope for the Marlin.

Let me know what you have and lets make a deal.
I am in Little Rock and I am looking for a deal in the Central Arkansas area, but will travel for the right deal.
PM me if interested.
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I am looking for a straight trade on this one, or at least close to a straight trade on a tube fed bolt action .22 rifle. I would put a trade value of $150 on the deal depending on if the scope was included or not.
I also have a Mossberg 151M(a) I would consider trading for the right bolt action, tube fed, scoped, .22 rifle.

I am looking for a solid hunter, not a safe queen. I know there is someone with one gathering dust out there who would love to trade for this cool rifle.

PM me and lets make a trade. I am in Little Rock.
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