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I have about 175 pieces of 8mm x 57 and about 50 pieces of 7mm mag that I do not need. I don't reload these nor do I have a gun that uses them. I know I could go out and get a gun for them then I would need another safe and then I would need.. you get the idea. I think its best for my marriage to just get rid of these empties before it effects my happy marriage. There really isn't enough there to sell so I was hoping someone that can use it might want to trade with me that has some brass I can use. Here is a list of what I can use...
9mm, 45ACP, 41 mag, 45-70, 444, 308, 243, 22-250, 7.62x39, 223, 454, 45 Colt, 40S&W, 3006, 30-30

I also have a bunch of 38 special and some 357 mag brass that I do not have a gun to fire it in. I do plan on getting a gun for it one of these days. A gun on my wish list is a IMI Timber Wolf in either 357 or 44 mag.

Let me know what you have if your interested in trading. Thanks!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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