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I have a nef pardner II with the green laminated stock and it is a collector's model because it has a brass medallion in the stock and has the heavy barrel (rifled) and it is a 12 gauge and sighted in at 100 yards (5 light field slugs inside a golf ball at 100 yards, and it is mounted with a hi-lux 3.5x10 sharpshooter scope with butler flip up caps the scope was $200 and the caps were $40 It is just to heavy for me, and with all my injuries Im looking to part with it

Im really only looking for a Thompson/center Muzzleloader Omega,encore,triumph, or other top of the line muzzleloaders

I would also be interested in a 2 for 1 deal like a cheaper .50 cal and a cheaper .45 cal

Prefer break open or sealed

I will ship to a ffl
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