WTT: 5.56 Soft Point for WPA or Brass

Discussion in 'Want to Buy/Trade' started by scottMO, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. scottMO

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    Selling 180rds of soft point ammo. Looking to trade even for: 360rds of brass ammo OR 500rds of Wolf ammo. Putting the value in the $110-120 range.
  2. scottMO

    scottMO Member

    Will sell FTF for 120.00.

    Most of the ammo is on stripped clips..

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I'm personally not interested but a little more info would possibly help your sale.

    What exactly is "soft point ammo"? A better description of the bullet would help; ie bullet brand, bullet weight, handloads or factory loads, if factory loads who manufactured the ammo?

    People need to know what they are getting for 67 cents per trigger pull.