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Wts/wtt Olympic arms K9-GL $900 *

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Olympic Arms K9GL Semi-automatic AR 9MM 16" Black Collapsible Stock No Mag Bayonet Lug, Flash Hider Only works with Full Size Glock Mags K9GLFT. I have fired less than 100 rnds in it and previous owner fired less than 100 through it. The fake 33 round mags dont work real well the factory 33 rnd glock mag work perfect. Rifle and 2 non factory glock mags are $900. If you want my factory glock 33rnd mag you can have it for $39 only used once. I have 2 9mm Ar-15 and only want to keep one. I would be interested in trading for an olympic arms k45 or 3 generic 556 uppers without bolt carrier groups or some odd caliber ar uppers or who knows what else pm me offers. I would post pics but im on my phone only for a few days but it looks exactly like the one on olympics website.
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