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I am looking to sale or trade my 97 ford 1 ton 4 door pickup. It has a lot of miles but runs like a top. It was bought new my a MO high school and used it to pull the band trailer. I now use it every day as my driver. I just bought a Dodge with a cummins so dont need it any more. Its got 214000 miles but you wouldnt know it. It is all manual with the ruber mat floors and vinyl seats. It pulls my 11000 lbs track loader when I need to move it with no problem. Its not beat up with pretty good paint and no rust. Good tires. I would like to get $2500 or trade for a box trailer. something around 12-16ft long. I need some way to move my saws and compressor around. I will post pics tomarrow.

The truck is located in Lono, just South of Malvern
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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