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I have a 1996 Dodge intrepid It was wrecked a long time ago on the passenger side doors open and work fine I even have another door for it in the storage unit. Windshield cracked. Trans slipping shifts hard sometimes and sometimes wont shift but will still do 70 miles per hour on the highway couple thousand rpms under the red line even when it wont shift into higher gear. Only had the not shifting problem a handful of times usually I pull over for 5 minutes and turn it off then it works fine. Could need a flush could need a new tranny havent had it checked I have to many vehicles in the yard so this one can go. My luck if i have the tranny flushed I will need a new transmission but if i sell it it will work great for the next person who knows. Had it less than 2 years it has 160k miles, tires are in good shape and under warranty at walmart. Since I have had it I have fixed the brakes, steering, power steering, radiator not sure what else im forgetting. I want $750 for it or trade for semi auto pistol in caliber 40 and above like xd,m&p i may even trade it for rifle or crapload of ammo i always need ammo in popular calibers, reloading supplies who knows make me an offer if its not across the state and your serious I can probably drive it to you.

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