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This barrel started its life as 24 inch TC factory 7mm08. I sent this barrel to Mike Bellm ( to be shortened to 22.25 inches, recrowned, rechambered to 7mm Bellm #2 (444 necked down to 7mm with short neck) and ported. Along with the barrel work Mike set me up with a set of dies (modified RCBS 7mm08) and 101 pcs of formed and annealed brass.

Included is the barrel with scope (Bushnell Trophy 4-15x40), set of RCBS dies, and 101 pieces of brass (I have only used 21 pieces) of which 80 pcs is new (never loaded), 15 pcs loaded, 6 pcs once fired or twice fired.
The rechambered barrel has less than 50 rounds fired through it.
I used a Bellm #2 hinge pin with this barrel and my frame.
To buy this set up new it would cost…
Factory barrel (used) about $200
Mike Bellm Muzzle Break machined into the barrel $175
Rechamber $85
Scope Mount and 3 Ring Set Up (Weaver Rings) $40
Scope $150
Fire Formed Brass $80
RCBS Dies $30
Shipping to and from Bellm TC $30
Total $790 with a turn around time wait (Mike is a VERY busy guy).

I need $450 out of it without the receiver or if you want the entire gun I need $750. Mike Bellm did the trigger job on this receiver and it breaks at about 3#. I have another 7mm rifle so I do not need this one. I will consider trades for gun(s) that are equal to (or close) in value. I can email additional pictures if there is any interest. Thanks!!
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