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WTB: started or finished hog dog(s)

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Hey if anyone has some dogs at least one yr. old or older that have been started on or finished to hunt hogs we are needing one or two would prefer cross w/cold nose (open or closed mouth would be fine) but would consider others let me know!! call (573) 300-9277 im in southeast Missouri or email [email protected]
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Hog Dogs


I as you are trying to get a pack of dogs togather. I live at POTOSI MO. If you find any that you are not interested in please pass them on. I have two dogs at a trainer now
is this rowdy by any chance? im mike's son in law....we ran your dogs today some on a couple of hogs...they have a little room for improvement but we'll keep workin on em! ps if we find any more that we dont need well let you know.
Yes its me, Thanks for trying to help me with them dogs.
Check this one out.

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11 mon. old catahoula gip,125.00 no papers ,in deslodge
I got 3 dogs i Have no choice but to get rid of, I live in the city, and i'm getting married in 2 months. I kept 3 dogs out of a litter of 9 for myself, they are gritty, and big and fast, Dad is Catahula mom is 1/2 black mouth curr 1/2 mountain curr. I wish i could keep them but i have no choice but to get rid of em.
well how much do you want for them and where are you located?
My cousin has a Gyp about 3yrs. old. She's about 4/5 Catahoula. Her Mom is a Full Blooded Catahoula & her dad is a Catahoula Mix.... She'll find her own hog & hunts very hard, But she tends to get Ruff at times.......

I've hunted her the last 2 weekends in Ms.. I would take her, but I'd have to get rid of something else to do so. She'll back up from a Good Boar Hog, but will jump on a Sow or shoat..... He's wanting $500 for her. I think she's worth it........ If interested, PM me...........
Do you have any pictures of the dog and where is it located?
Do you have any pictures of the dog and where is it located?
I do not have a Pic of her. I can probably take one in the next day or 2.. She's 90% Catahoula, but she's a Black & Tan saddleback.....

She's located in Woodlawn, Ar., about 20 miles south of Pine Bluff........
Ya if you could get a pic that would be great Id like to see her
Ya if you could get a pic that would be great Id like to see her

turkeyhunter has her right now. If he brings her back I'll take some pics & post them.........
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