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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by 2dogs, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. 2dogs

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    I'd like to some sort of radiant heater to warm my dogs in the shop at night plus be able to heat the shop enough to do a little work in it on the cold days. Must be in good working condition
  2. muleheaded

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    my buddy

    I have the Big Buddy and it'll run you outta most shop-size places. I use it everywhere I can carry it and it's light. My nephew has the regular buddy and it more than does the trick for his workshop out behind his house and he uses it deer hunting, camping etc... Both are made to run off the small bottles but with a $12 adapter from academy or walmart it'll run a long time off a 20lb cylinder. Really never had anything portable that heats this good. Great thing about it is it is manufactured for indoor, ventless use. In a power outage you could use it in the house without worrying about CO buildup. Check it out here,


    but it can be found much cheaper. I bought my Big Buddy for $75 on sale at Tractor Supply a couple years ago. Walmart carries 'em too.

  3. jnjrup

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    I bought one at walmart for $75 bucks that works great and heats my 12X20 shop to what ever temp you want, has a thermostat so it shuts off when its at temp, circulates the air and only pulls like 12 amps, its great, I think its a ceramic heater.