WTB - reloading stuff for 35 Remington

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by LGustin, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. LGustin

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    I ended up doing a trade now I need to find dies, brass and bullets. I prefer RCBS dies but will consider anything (no LEE). The brass can be new or once fired and bullets can be about anything for a lever gun right now. THANKS!!
  2. dirtdart

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    Well....Ebay is a good place to start for the dies. Can find some used ones if you want to wait out the auction process....can get them cheap if don't mind waiting.

    I guess Blue Star there in Searcy is a great place to get anything else. They had bins of bullets that I haven't been able to get for years...They had 117gr. Round Nose .257 bullets that I had looked for for years. Got plenty while I was getting.

    I'm not a big fan of Lee dies either. I have a set of .270 and a set of 300H&H Lee's I need to get rid of also.

    They'll make you a deal on Brass.

    I guess they get the stuff from Remington after it's used for testing. Noticed that some of my .338 Win Mag stuff that I got there had marks from a Piezoelectric pressure sensor on it. I may lose one every hundred or so pieces due to a split in the case head...right at the web. But for the price it's worth it.

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    Seems like brass is seasonal for the 35. I bought several bags of new Remington brass a few years ago when I got my 35. I also stocked up on bullets from Midway, if you keep an eye open they run them on sale every once in a while.