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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Rogerd, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Rogerd

    Rogerd Well-Known Member

    looking to start a new mini 14 build, im going to totally revamp it so it can be like new or ready for the scrap yard i dont care, pm me or post here, will buy or trade for it.
  2. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    Cool guns but not very accurate in my opinion had a new one it only shot a 4" pattern at 100yds but again my opinion

  3. remington steel

    remington steel Well-Known Member

    Was it an early model? The new models have redesigned barrels that are far more accurate.
  4. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    It was a 2008 model with a nikon 3x9x40 prostaff scope and I kept the scope it's on my .308 that shoots 5 bullets in one hole at 100yds. Don't get me wrong I loved that gun just wanted a little more accuracy .
  5. Rogerd

    Rogerd Well-Known Member

    I dont use the factory barrel, depending on the age and a couple of other factors i may change the hole rifle or just the barrel and some internals.

    I cant put em in the same hole at 100 but I can still get them about as accurate as they are going to get.
  6. Gutshooter

    Gutshooter Well-Known Member

    What ya got to trade? I got one.
  7. Rogerd

    Rogerd Well-Known Member