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WTB: Broken (non functioning guns) of any kind

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Want to buy any of your broken/non functioning guns. Don't mind if its in a million pieces.

Thanks, Rogerd
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i've got a few laying around if you're interested
Got two pistols. Think they are FIE. Will check tonight.
Doug pm Mr and let me know mwells u have a pm
They are Mod E 15 cal 22 Fie LR
If roger is not interested in these I would be.
If roger is not interested in these I would be.
If they don't buy em. Shoot me a pm. My father would like to have em to decorate with.
douglashodges1 You have a pm.
I've got a charles daly 12 gauge... firing pen gone out of it....
I have several I have a marline auto 22 a winchester model 37 single shot 12 ga a zastava bolt action 22 and a winchester model 250 lever action 22. Let me know if interested.
Rmarsh and bowhunter, both have pm's.
I may have a couple. 1) is a 10/22 that is pretty old and was still shooting good until something in the reciever broke. 2) is a .38 handgun. Took firing pin out and lost it. Not even a box of shells shot through it. 3) i might have a .22 handgun if i can find it. . How far os Hazen from you Nd 1/2 point. If i get a chancr we might can meet. I'll locate them, tkae pics and send me an email or cell i can send you picd.
its about an hour and a half and yes i would be interested
I have a old model 94 needs some work done on it,but dont want to sell it. If you could work on that would be great.
Roger, go to Al's lock and key in Jonesboro. They have some old guns that don't work that they might sell!
Bump, Ran out of projects and looking again.
I have a Stevens Model 67 12 guage shotgun with a broken stock if you're interested.
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