Wright’s welding trailers

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  1. Chapmanner

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    Looking at ordering one of these “tube” trailers that they have made for years. Anybody got one that you can tell me about.. they are about $3-400 more than a Dakota square tube trailer in Beebe, but I’m told they are a very good trailer..
  2. jpsimmons45

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    AJ is a very good guy. I have known him 35+ years. They build a very good trailer. My FIL bought on if his tube built trailers. It is very solid ......no issues.

    He knows his stuff. He also has some amazing CNC items.

    Dakota vs built by AJ.....I would spend the extra money and buy the one he built.

  3. Chapmanner

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    Best length for standard 800 series side by side? 3500 axles sufficient or does a man need to get 6000lb axles to last forever
  4. juleo

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    I would think a double axle with 3500# axles would be plenty. What's the price difference on 3500 vs 6000#?
  5. lawson6565

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    man, 12 ft is perfect for s x s and single 3500 # axle is plenty unless you are planning to use it for hauling other stuff. if it not solely for your s x s, might as well get a 16 ft tandem with brakes on at least lne axle and be done with it.
  6. betweenthecadrons

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    I’ll second this one. Although I’ve known of him a long time, I’ve only known him 5-6 years. He’s a stand up guy and does great work.

    I’ve got a 14’ x 5’ single axle trailer of his. It was about wore out. I took it back to him, his son (college age) refurbished it. New floor, jack, bearings, wiring, lights, safety chains and paint for a very reasonable price. It’s a brand new trailer again.
  7. On the length and axles. An 18' tandem 7000# will fetch quite a bit more resale than a 12' single 3500# will, at least in comparison to what it cost you new. In some cases, an 18' 7000lb can sell for as much-or a lot of times more than-what you paid for it even after using it for a few years. Worth mentioning, if it's a concern. I kinda wish I had an 18' car hauler style. Not in the budget though.

    Don't discount Diamond City. They build them in all different sizes and configurations, and they're powder coated and not painted. Good stuff. Looked at some the other day and was impressed.