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  1. longspurs

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    I happened to look at the number of members and it shocked me to see it's over 6000! Then I realized I've been a member since 2003 and am still only a member! Anyway I remember a few members that I don't see anymore, like Dodgeman or Earnhardt something. I actually got fairweather on here! Anyway, I guess I'm just kinda wondering where time's going.
  2. John Stiles

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    Dodgeman is still here....Earhardtfan is is fairweather....

  3. BuzzBait

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    Yea dodge drops in every once in a while...You just have to know how to call him.....DODGE PICK UP THE PHONE!!!!!!:cool:
  4. xtremebowhunter

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    Dodge has been on anther place the last few days. He got a nice buck yesterday, maybe he'll put the story here to