Wow! What a Weekend

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    This has definitely been the two most exciting days of calling I've ever had. I started my first set at 1:30 on Saturday. It was new spot that I was pretty sure had not been called. the action began at 1:32 with a huge coon charging in and attacking the critter. I decided to let him pass and three minutes later the cat came stalking in. He was locked in on the critter, and I was able to turn and make the chip shot at 22 yards. My next two sets were uneventful. Then on the fourth set at the eight minute mark of grown cottontail this little grey came in to 35 yards and the 250 found its mark again.
    Sunday I started at a stand that I have called a couple of times this year, but had no luck. I turned on grown cottontail at 7:30 the big tom came 80 yards into the field stalking the critter. I needed to make a slight adjustment and he caught me. He turned and started to leave, but I guess I wanted to see him RUN because he got a warning shot. Now he's moving at warp speed so I sent another his way. Accidents do happen because I hit him. He is my biggest cat to date at 29 lbs. The second stand was only 300 yards from the first. Turned on grown cottontail at 7:55 and at 7:59 the little female came creeping in. I gave her a little squeak to stop her then sent a load of buckshot her way. Called in a big coyote about 11:30, but he got downwind before I could get on him. Needless to say I had a lot of fun.
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    Looks like a great time!!! :thumb:

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    Nice job!! Sounds like a heck of a good time.
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    Jody4915 -

    Nice job on those cats! I have called in 3 cats over the last several years and have not been able to get a shot at any of them. First time a cat and yote came in across a small field from each other and had a stare off for about 30 seconds but I only saw the yote until it was too late. The last time was last spring when my 13 year old grandson and I were turkey hunting and the bobcat walked behind us before daylight and directly in front of my grandson at 5 yards but he did not know if it was OK to take it. When he told me about an hour later I started calling using mouth calls and had him coming but did not know it until we stood up.

    I really want to take a tom and have it mounted! Coyotes seemto me to be much easier to take but it may just be that there are fewer of them?

    Great day you had!

  5. sounds like you had a blast. Congrats.
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  7. what a great day of huntin for u CONGRATS
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    Nice job jody, I need to do some of that on my lease. We've got yotes out the wazzoo.
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    Nice look'n shooter ya have there. Take'm all out.
  10. That's awesome. Sounds like you found what the cats like to hear. Keep it up for the all the little gobblers out there.:clap:
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    Congrats man nice job a cat an grey awsome.
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    Sounds like a great hunt. Ive always wanted to try predator hunting but ive never had any luck at it.