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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by stealthycat, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. stealthycat

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    you know a guy ... who drinks, a lot

    you know this guy drinks while he's driving ... often

    you know he's had prior DWI

    would you try and report him? would you mind your own business? talking to an alcoholic does zero good.

    pretend you do nothing ... and he crosses into traffic tomorrow and kills a family.

    pretend you call and the cops wait for him on a side road, and he gets another DWI, loses his license, loses his job etc

    what would you do ?
  2. beltcutter

    beltcutter Well-Known Member

    I would report him, it might save a life...maybe his, maybe yours, maybe mine.

  3. cables

    cables Well-Known Member

    talk to him as a friend first, then proceed with teh cops if he doesn't get help.

    MAny jobs, second chance for license, no second chance on someones life.
  4. tkcampb1

    tkcampb1 Well-Known Member

    as an ultimatum...yes. But would definitly give them the opportunity to choose for themself..if not, I'd choose for them. it's not only for their own good, but others as well...maybe perhaps an entire family.
  5. Mr. Chitlin

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    That is the only way to look at it.

    Could you live with yourself if he killed someone because you didn't say anything? What if it was family or a close friend he injured or killed?
  6. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    He's already had a DWI. He has chosen to do it again. He's had his chance to do right and has failed. Time to go to step 2.
  7. stealthycat

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    how would you report someone who might be driving a certain road in the mornings and evenings and likely drinking ?
  8. No-till Boss

    No-till Boss Well-Known Member

    Have you told this person that you're going to turn him in for drinking and driving if he continues to do so ?
  9. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Vehicle description and approximate times he will be on the road.
  10. tkcampb1

    tkcampb1 Well-Known Member

    please proceed! :up:
  11. johnf

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    Does he drive the same road your family does. Do you love them more or him?

    Does it really matter who's family is driving on the road with him?

    I reported my room mate in college after abou the millionth time. I've also reported my brother after trying to stop him. Room mate lost his lisense, brother didn't get caugh, I even told them where he was going.
  12. BDW

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    Report him....Plain and simple.
  13. x2

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  15. arcountryboy

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  16. Wes Ramsey

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    When I worked 2nd shift in LR I would find myself behind or in front of drunk drivers fairly often. I always called and pointed the cops in the right direction. I don't know if they ever caught them, but I tried. I called the cops on a drunk driver in Mountain Home on the way home from a new years party. I didn't have a cell phone, but he knew I was following him and he kept pulling off the road. Every place he pulled off the road had a pay phone, so I'd call the cops and tell them where we were at the moment :lol: They finally showed up when he was parked at a bank and I pointed them in the right direction. I KNOW he got caught. Some people will never get caught. Others just aren't good at D&D and will always get caught. I went to traffic court in high school for a speeding ticket and there was a guy in there for his 7th DWI.

    Bottom line - if they endanger your friends and family then are they really that good of a friend? Turn him in and hope he gets the message. If he really is a true friend you can give him the ultimatum and offer help, but be prepared to give it honestly and unselfishly. If he can't straighten up do what you gotta do.
  17. stealthycat

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    johnf I admire that

    no ... it shouldn't matter if my friends, family etc is driving the same road he is, and it doesn't

    I didn't expect this one to be unanimous like it is, with all the pro-pothead replies on that legalizing pot thread !
  18. bigangrychicken

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    pls turn him in. There's a young single mom at UAMS on life support because someone didn't turn in the guy that hit her. You could save a life---including the person with the problem.
  19. It's because anyone thats ever smoked pot and drank knows theres no comparison in the effects between the two..
  20. tkcampb1

    tkcampb1 Well-Known Member

    That is a fair and true statement.