Would you change?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by btech29, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. btech29

    btech29 Platnium Member<br>Forum Sponsor<br>Stud Duck

    Would you change your handle on here if you could? What would you change it to? Ive always kinda wished I had made mine Jack-leg.
  2. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    Nah I've had this one for a long time:up:

    I do have a different username on running forums though, didn't think coonnutz would be appropriate for some things:head:

  3. cropdustersteve

    cropdustersteve Select Member<br>2010-11 Bow Hunting Contest Winne

    I'd change mine to sperry or Costa.
  4. ARflinger

    ARflinger Well-Known Member

    I would change mine to "Rage Lover" or "Dog Hunter" or "Chupa Cabre" or "Sasquatch Believer" or "Flag Hanger" or "PETA" or "Slidable Tag" or maybe something that would stir folks up! :fit::fit::fit::fit:

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. :razz:
  5. ARflinger

    ARflinger Well-Known Member

    Really, i might change mine to Gar Hole.
  6. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    If that's the case then change your name to Dirtymax:fit::fit:
  7. tmeredith

    tmeredith Platinum Member Redneck Slum Lord

    Yes I would. I've been thinking about getting mine changed to Mr. Sunshine cause I always have such a positive outlook on life.
  8. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    I'd probably drop the 76 from the end of mine...

    Or change it to Stealthy Dog!! And promote nothing but light arrows and mechanicals!!
  9. ARflinger

    ARflinger Well-Known Member

    Oh, I almost forgot my favorite--- "Little Buck Slayer"---- I think that one is the best!

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Been using mine on other forums for years...might change it to Trouble, if I had to.....use it on the lineman forums.....


    some folks on here need to change it to ..........

  11. ARflinger

    ARflinger Well-Known Member

  12. ARflinger

    ARflinger Well-Known Member

    I can't believe that " POT STIRER" is not a popular one on here.
  13. shotgun wg

    shotgun wg Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't change mine I have been known as shotgun for 18 years. Friends family and all my old trucking buddys know me by it. I guess if I had to change it to a pot stirring name it would be hen killer or skybusting hole stealer
  14. I'd change mine to "Dink"..
  15. tracytqrc

    tracytqrc Well-Known Member

    I was concidering changing mine to "THREAD KILLER".

    NO WAIT! how about "MR. MISUNDERSTOOD"

    OR, Maybe even "BIGFOOT", No, I already got in trouble for that one.:fit:

    PS. I hope this post don't kill this thread.:shrug:
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  16. btech29

    btech29 Platnium Member<br>Forum Sponsor<br>Stud Duck

    You will have to wait in line for "thread killer". Duckhunter2-2007 has already applied for it. :fit:
  17. SR4

    SR4 Super Member<br>'07/'08 Bowhunting Contest Team Wi

    GutpileMafia! Pissin off PETA one gutpile at a time!
  18. btech29

    btech29 Platnium Member<br>Forum Sponsor<br>Stud Duck

    Thats a good one. :fit:
  19. 44

    44 Well-Known Member

    44 was supposed to be 4X4 but I messed that up when I registered. Later on when I couldn't find my post I realized I was 44.:smack: If I had it to do over again I'd probably just use my name in some sort of way.
  20. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    Guess we could give that one to DirtyMax by default being he is no longer here to claim it for himself!:fit::clap::thumb: