Worse Season Ever!! Sorry long read

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    Well our season has come and gone. We have a new lease so I was not sure what the birds were doing on it. There is 3 fields on it and most of the birds we have seen where in the back field which is the biggest field. Youth weekend we sat in the blind and when the birds started to gobble there was about 6-7 roosted less than 100 yards behind the blind and heard about 15-20 birds. We sat most of the morning and only seen one bird well over 100 yards away. Didn't get anything during youth weekend. Our season opens on a Wednesday so I had taken the rest of that week off. It was super foggy that morning and I was set up on a hillside on the back field edge where we had seen the birds during youth weekend. Birds gobbled on the roost and were everywhere but they would only gobble when the fog would lift some. After fly down I had about 6-7 birds out in the middle of the field. At 7:50 I had 3 hens come running out into the field about 40 yards to my right then a jake followed them and then 2 long beards and another hen. I made a soft call and they all just looked at my decoy. After a couple minutes it looked like they were going to take off so I pulled up on the biggest tom and let him have it. He started to flop and every time he flopped he roll down the hill a few feet. he was approx. 45 yards when I shot him so when he started to flip down the hill I jumped up and started to run after him. Now I am not in the best shape anymore unless round is the shape. He stopped flopping about 35 yards from the place I shot him and at that point I was about 25 yards from it so I stopped running and was bent over trying to catch my breath. When I looked up darn thing was up and running off with a broken wing. I shot at it again but missed and then he made it to the woods and I shot a 3rd time and saw limbs right behind it fall. I am out of shells in my gun and trying to run this thing down in the woods. Definitely wasn't happening. I lost it once it made it on a logging road and got over the hill from me.
    Day two I missed a big tom that I seen strutting in the lane on the lease as I made my way down it just walked off like I wasn't even there. I put the truck in park and stepped out and took a shot and clean missed it. Then a week later I was walking out and I busted a tom as I walked over the hill and took a shot at it running same result no bird. Then Friday I was on my other lease after getting ran off of the first by gnats so bad I could not keep my eyes open so it was about 8am when I got there. I heard one bird gobbling on its own so I set out after it. I was making my way and it sounded like he was right there but I was in some thick stuff. He stayed in one spot and just gobbled. I figured he would not come into the thick stuff so I got up and circled him and came up on the clear side of the hill. He busted loose and was maybe 50 yards over this little knoll. I just dropped down and was leaning next to a small tree maybe 5inches thick. At this time it was maybe 825. He just kept gobbling in the same spot over that knoll and I couldn't sit still anymore. My legs were going numb and my back was hurting (I have rods in my lower back so I sometimes struggle with numbness and pain) so I decided I was going to make a 5 foot move to a big tree. I just sat down by the big tree and he gobbled in the same spot! Not busted now I would sit for a long time. About 9am he FLEW down out of the tree and landed within 30 yards behind a briar patch and walked around it and was less than 20 yards. I guess with all of the excitement I pulled the shot. So that is how my season ended. First time that I have not gotten my bird since I shot my very first bird in 1998. I had a couple years I was not able to hunt due to the Marines so I don't count them. I learned allot about the new place and when talking to other people I got on more birds than anyone I know but just messed up the shots.
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    That's tough. About the time you think you're getting turkeys figured out, they'll flip the table on ya.

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    Good Lawd!!! Im gonna start a fund me page to buy ya some bullets. . At least you were on em. Heck, i never even had a turkey answer my call. First time in 24 years i havent killed a turkey in AR. You will get em next year.
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    I shot my gun before season because I bought a new choke. I was only able to shoot it at 25 yards and 50 yards it just appeared that it was going to be limited to 45 yards and at 25 it was a little left but I thought I pulled it. After all these missed I went to cousins house and set up a target in his field and shot at 35 yards and 45 yards just to see what was up and the pattern was left consistently. Definitely going to put a scope on it next year. Now that I know it was left it helps explain some of the misses but its still on me though. Pattern looked good at his house with a larger piece of cardboard showing it was hitting left.
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    Better luck next year
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    My gun was shooting left and I bought some real nice truglo fiber optic sights and put on it. The higher priced ones are steel the cheaper ones are plastic. I have been very happy with them and haven't missed a turkey since I put them on. Don't mean i wont but i wont be the guns fault.