World Champion Cur pups

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by Saline River, May 3, 2013.

  1. Saline River

    Saline River Well-Known Member

    I took Ziva to Alabama a few days ago & got her bred to Snowman. Tree Styling Snowman is a World Champion & Ziva is out of Sand Creek Boone Dock who is a World Champion. These pups should make nice squirrel/coon dogs.




  2. trevinben

    trevinben Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the squirrel and coon population in Arkansas is going to take a big hit when these pups are born. Sure would like to have one of these on feed.

  3. Coondog13

    Coondog13 Well-Known Member

    Will you have any pups for sale...
  4. Saline River

    Saline River Well-Known Member

    Yes I am selling the pups. They will be $300. I have a list started, if your interested in a pup give me a call at 501-744-9117. Thanks, Chris
  5. blackandtanman

    blackandtanman Well-Known Member

    put me down for two. dont know if theyll be like my hounds though:wink: