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Another big gobbler down. What a year :woohoo: Pics and story to come.
Ok now that I've calmed down a minute here it goes I had to work last night and was watching the radar and new that it was suppose to rain all day here in Monticello, but I new I wasn't going to fool with them dang turkeys in Sheridan on the last day so when I got off at 7:30 this morning I hauled butt south and got to Monticello around 9:00. I new I was just in front of the storm so I thought I would check a field out real quick and my luck nothing. Then the rain hits so go to a box stand on a pipeline and wait it out. The whole time I'm thinking I need to be on the other side of camp so when the rain slacks off I haul butt to the truck. Well the sun comes out so I'm riding the road looking for a fresh track when all the sudden I see a gobbler strutting in the middle of a side road. Instead of just driving by like I should have I stop and look at him in the binoculars. He didn't see me pull up because his tail feathers were facing when I saw him. Then all the sudden a hen who had obviously seen me comes out of the ditch and carries the gobbler the other way. So I run down to where they were. After and hour goes bye and soft calling Im feeling discouraged so I call as loud as I can and barely here one off in the wind. Then I here it again so I answer him back. I have no idea where it came from being Im laying on my back and it's windy. About 30 min goes by and I call again and nothing, so bare down on it again gobble. It's closer, but still don't where. Then finally he gobbles again and I can tell it's to my right so I roll that way. Then a crow calls and he gobbles directly behind me. Ohno what do I do???? I roll on over and can't see him being the road is lower than where I am. Then the original turkey comes to the left and right before I shoot he drops into the road. Then a crow calls and gobble gobble both birds are within 20 yards and I can't see them. Determined to get a shot off I ease to my knees and their strutting facing away. When the first one turns I let maggie roar at 11:58. Got to him and saw his spurs and about croaked, This will be remembered as the year of the hooks for me.

He as 1.5 spur, a broke 1.25 spur, 12.25 in beard, and weighs 17.2 lbs

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