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    I have a question about making a wood duck box. I have good videos to make one but questions I have is where to put it and when do you clean it out? We have 2 ponds on our lease but one of them might be getting sold so I don't want to put one on that pond. The back small pond currently has a pair of woodies on it and 3-4 babies that are swimming around. I was thinking about putting one on the shallow edge of that pond or should I put it closer to some of the trees? Here is a photo of the place. The pond is super small.

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    Me and my grandpa put the ones we put up back in the day on trees pretty close to the water.On the edge or within 20 yards or so of the creeks or pond.We always thought the quicker the ducklings got to the water the safer they would be.Don't think it matters where you put it if they want to use it they will find it.As far cleaning them out I would do it shortly after hunting season before spring kicks off.But be careful see squirrels and bees and other things make homes out of them to.

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    I’ve seen wood ducks raise in the middle of town. Used to see the duckling parade every year at school. They don’t have to be over water. A predator shield should be used regardless of where you put it.
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    If you know where the current nest is near that pond.... put your nest within fifty, or so, yards...
    Surviving females of this year's hatch will return next year and find it.
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    Unfortunately I do not. I just seen the chicks in the pond the other day. I typically see a handful of wood ducks around the lease bouncing back and forth on the two ponds. I so want to hunt them but don't want to run them off either. Figured if I can get more coming to it then I might be able to take 1-2