Wonder what they think?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by spur, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. spur

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    Yep, Wonder what Nutt and Broyles think about that offense that couldn't win in the SEC?
  2. possum

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    Looks to me it's won way beyond just the SEC. :thumb:

  3. Tink

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    Alot of teams run the type of offensive Gus does. An I don't care to much for him glad he left Arkansas just as much as Houston Nutt. Congrats on the guy for job well done at Aurbrun. We played him in high school when he coach Shiloh Christian an talking about a sore loser man he didn't even shake are coach hand after the game. An there again I just set here watch football not coach he does. I just hope he doesn't go to LSU or any team in SEC.
  4. oldnwahunter

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    That couldn't have been when they played Springdale. I didn't see any of that and I never miss a thing at a Springdale game. I know he shook Jeralds hand that night. I am just glad that Nutt taught him he had to run the ball (per Nutt) even tho he had a player that ran for over 1000 Yds and one for over 800 on his last high school team. He is one of the most likable pleasant guy I have been around,but he stays pretty well to himself.
  5. keeb

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    I saw some boys at the boat ramp the other day after duck hunting and they had Ole Miss license plates and I asked them if they were big Houston Nutt fans and they just gave me a blank stare. :fit:

    GOBBLERSTOPPER Well-Known Member

    Lucky they didn't shoot you for that insult!! :fit:
  7. F B

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    I can only think of a handful that run the same offense that Gus does.

    They might run the spread but very few of em get the next play in and the ball snapped as quick as he does.

    I like him for the most part but Im getting pretty tired of him coming back here and getting some of the talent that he has.
  8. spur

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    That comment from Nutt cracked me up. Flip side is Nutt still has not learned you have to be able to throw the ball to be a contender.
    As for his recruiting, Dyer didn't want to compete for the spot and as long as Floyd is at Shiloh AU will have an inside track with their athletes. Burns and Ziemba simply didn't want to play for Nutt!
  9. That's awesome! I sure am glad he's their problem now and not ours!