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Won Raft Creek WMA Permit for Hunting. Need help.

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I won the Raft Creek Permit to hunt in hole 18. I have never been there before. Can anyone tell me about hunting there? How does the area look? Do I need waders, do I hunt from my boat, or do I hunt by land if I have a dog? Is it open water or timber? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I believe that hole requires a boat? There were only 3 holes that you can walk into last time I checked. I could be wrong though. Someone will chime in. It open.water with some small trees on it last time I was there.
Since the white is flooded, raft is like an ocean. Water is probably eight foot deep over most of it. I hunted 18 in early December and had to hunt in the tree tops. If you've never been, it will be tough to find because the markers are under water. also if your boat won't handle white capping water, I would stay off completely. Like I said I haven't been since second week of December but I'd bet it is the same. Took me an hour to find the hole because I couldn't launch from my normal ramp. Good luck!
You need 2 dozen Deeks ,a good dog ,a blind on a boat ,and a boat if you do not have a map get one and stay in the WMA boundaries land owners around there are funny about people hunting there . Your hole is on Float trail K ,but your markers are under water a lil it's next to the last hole on that trail .
Thanks guys. Is the trail Float trail K visible and how can I find it? Quackstaker said the water comes up high, so how can I follow this trail in the dark? Is the Jones Island Road underwater, meaning I have to get in from highway 36? What time is checkout on WMA Headquarters? Thanks!
Last I heard Jones Island Rd was flooded but that was a couple weeks ago.
Best way to go is Georgetown and turn on Jones Island or Heath Scott . The Hunting is Good this is one of my Favorite spots Who knows I might even be there .
Do not take Jones Island road from the Riceland side. You won't make it. The White is dropping out fast now but the backwater will drop slower than the river of course. And yes us landowners would like for you to stay in the WMA boundaries lol :)
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