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  1. longspurs

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    Do we still have to get the free permit to hunt management areas this year? I didn't see anything on the website but I could have missed it.
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  2. QuailRidge

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    Yes. Page 67 in the current guide book.
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  4. longspurs

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    TURKYKILER Active Member

    Anyone know the reason for this? What does a free permit accomplish? Control?
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  6. Remington

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    It also is a head count to determine how many more nature centers need to be built around the state
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  7. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    You sign away your 4th Amendment rights to be able to hunt on the WMA.
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  8. HoosierEric

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    It's to ease you into eventually paying for a wma permit like a lot of other states.
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  9. HuntHigh

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    All about potential $$
    They get to count how many dollars they miss out on by allowing free access to public lands..
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  10. Biggars

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    That writing is on the wall imo.
    What do we get for the money?
    More/ better wardens? Foodplots?
    Should not be cost prohibitive for anyone and pay more we should see benefits. Not just more money for nature centers and fancy equipment. Just one guys opinion.
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