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i leave in the morning with 5 companions for our annual pheasant hunting trip to south dakota. great hunting, fellowship, food, and some beautiful country. this will be our 4th year hunting and staying at the same family farm and we have never failed to fill a limit of birds each day. all wild birds. course this family only has 7,000 acres that they farm or have in crp. granted 2000 is theirs and the other 5,000 they lease. birds galore.

and to top it off, this year we applied and were drawn for nonresident waterfowl permits. (weird huh? have to apply for nr duck hunting) every year we see tons of ducks and geese on their cut corn fields and the praire potholes so here's hoping there will be a few there this year. i'm kinda of looking forward to hunting some young ignorant ducks that havent been near as educated as they are by the time they get to us.

we are leaving mayflower about 8 in the morning so meet me at the diner if you wanna go.

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